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Born in Warsaw, Poland in November 1989, Misha only furthers the reputation of Polish women for beauty. She started her career in 2013 at the ripe age of 23. Despite this "late" start, Misha's career developed rapidly being and she was contracted with several companies in the industry. Until now, her greatest honor was the XBIZ Award for �Foreign Female Performer of the Year� in 2015. Besides that, the motion picture �Misha Cross Wide Open� was awarded for the Best Scene - All Girl, it recieved several nominations from both XBIZ and AVN. Being a deepthroat and anal expert, Misha seems to have immense reserves in her career. Surely, we eagerly await to see this nice Eastern European bottom in many-many scenes to come.

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One of the sexiest women in porn. We need more scenes of her!
2019-02-13 02:26
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The hottest Babe in the xXx Industry. Her juicy pink Pussy, perfect round Ass and exquisite Feet are a Joy for every Man's Eyes.
2018-10-31 05:35
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my favorite pornstar...the hottest woman in the world...i hope to see very soon new scenes with she
2018-10-04 16:46
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Represents with excellence the woman of Eastern Europe.
2018-09-16 20:12
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I would agree with you, if it was not for her being a mudshark.
2019-03-23 22:02
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By far the hottest pornstar in my opinion. Would kill to eat her asshole (:
2017-07-15 03:03
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